Tan Bingxiang
Author:     Time: 2016-11-10

Tan Bingxiang

Professor, researcher of Research Institute of Forest Resource Information Technique, Chinese Academy of Forestry.


Tan has received her PhD on Forest Management from Chinese Academy of Forestry in 2006 . 

She has been involved with remote sensing research since 1990 and involved in radar remote sensing since 1997.

Research interests:

Her research activity has been in the area of the remote sensing applied to nature resource, including forest resource inventory, forest cover mapping, forest change detection, forest parameters estimation, land cover and land use monitoring using remote sensing data, especially using hyper spectral remote sensing data. 

She has got some research experience in these fields. Her current interest is on the quantitative extraction of forest parameters from remote sensing and on the use of remote sensing data to quantify the effect of land processes on the carbon cycle.

Publications and projects:

In the past years, as a leader or a co-investigator, she has conducted many research projects, such as the project “Monitoring Forest Change in China and South East Asia using Sentinel-1”, “Role of croplands in the Carbon budget in China” and “Rice Monitoring in China” under the “Dragon Program”, international cooperation between MOST(Ministry of Science and Technology of China) and ESA(European Space Agency)(Co-PI of projects), “Remote Sensing Based Natural Resource Inventory and Environmental Monitoring” which is an international cooperation project with Finland(PI of China side), .“Hyper spectral remote sensing application in forest”(Project manager), “Forest Cover and Carbon Mapping in the Greater Mekong Sub region and Malaysia ”, etc. 

She is the author of over 40 research papers.