Wang Xuefeng
Author:     Time: 2016-11-10

Wang Xuefeng

Professor, researcher of Chinese Academy of Forestry.

Research field:

Forestry computer vision, forest resources monitoring and biological statistical model.


Early year working as a researcher in Japan, he engaged in computer vision cooperation research in kyoto university and also studied remote computer nondestructive analysis and inference about plant healthy growth state and fruit quality in the National agriculture and food Research organization of Japan.

Research and projects:

Dr. Wang has presided over dozens of items about academic research, including Nation Science Foundation Project “Research on the application of stereo vision technology in forest management survey”, National high technology research and development program(863)“Automatic monitoring and diagnosis of seedling status based on field server”, Recommend international advanced agricultural science and technology plan(948)“The introduction of remote monitoring and analysis technology of field server seedlings”.

Publications and patents:

He published five monographs, for example, Introduction to forestry internet of things technology, Forest measurements and The basic of image understanding. He also published about 50 papers, for instance, “Tree feature extraction using image data obtained through virtual Field Server”,“Visible light image-based method for sugar content classification of citrus” and “Research of foliar dust content estimation by re?ectance spectroscopy of Euonymus japonicus Thunb” .

In addition, He has applied for 6 patents. Dr. Wang currently engaged in the machine autonomous detection and diagnosis of precious trees’ nutrition state.