Zhuo Renying
Author:     Time: 2016-11-09

Zhuo Renying


Address: The Research Institute of Subtropical of Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 311400, P. R. China

Phone number: 86-571-63311860  

Fax: 86-571-63341304



1997 – 2002 Dr. in Tree Breeding. Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing, P.R.China in 2002. Major Area: Biological Sciences, Genetics and Plant Breeding.

1991 - 1995 Graduation in Plant Physiology. Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, .R.China in 1995.

Work experience:

2002 – now  The Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Fuyang, Hangzhou, P.R.China.

2002-2005 Post-Doctor in Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science.

1995-1997 Teaching graduate disciplines in Hebei Normal University


Member of the Bamboo Division of Chinese Forestry, the Zhejiang Society for Plant Biology, the Division of Agricultural Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Articles in Scientific Journals:

1.Xixi Song, Jie Fang, Xiaojiao Han, Xuelian He, Mingying Liu, Jianjun Hu, Renying Zhuo*Overexpression of Quinone Reductase from Salix matsudana Koidz enhances salt tolerance in Transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana. Gene, 2016, 576(1): 520-527.

2.Xiaojiao Han, Hengfu Yin, Xixi Song, Yunxing Zhang, Mingying Liu, Jiang Sang, Jing jiang, Jihong Li, Renying Zhuo*, Integration of Small RNAs, Degradome and Transcriptome Sequencing in Hyperaccumulator Sedum alfredii Uncovers a Complex Regulatory Network and Provides Insights into Cadmium Phytoremediation. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2016, doi: 10.1111/pbi.12512

3.Guirong Qiao, Xiaoguo Zhang, Jing Jiang, Mingying Liu, Huiqin Yang, Renying Zhuo*, Comparative Proteomics Analysis of Salix matsudana Koidz (Chinese Willow) in Response to Salt Stress. Plant Mol Biol Rep, 2014, 32(4): 814-827.

4.Jian Sang, Xiaojiao Han, Mingying Liu, Guirong Qiao, Jing Jiang, Renying Zhuo*, Selection and Validation of Reference Genes for Quantitative Real-Time PCR in Hyperaccumulating Ecotype of Sedum alfredii under Different Heavy Metals Stress. PLoS One, 2013, 8(12): e82927.

5.Guirong Qiao, Huiqing Yang, Ling Zhang, Xiaojiao Han, Mingying Liu, Jing Jiang, Yancheng Jiang, Renying Zhuo*, Enhanced tolerance to cold stress of transgenic Dendrocalamus latiflorus Munro (Ma bamboo) plants expressing a bacterial codA gene. In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Plant, 2014, 50(4): 385-391.

6.Mingying Liu, JingJiangXiaojiao Han, Guirong qiao, Renying Zhuo*, Validation of reference genes aiming accurate normalization of qRT-PCR data in Dendrocalamus latiflorus Munro. PLoS One, 2013, 10.1371/journal.pone.0087417.

7.Mingying Liu, Guirong Qiao, Jing Jiang, Xiaojiao Han, Jian Sang, Renying Zhuo*, Identification and expression analysis of salt-responsive genes using a comparative microarray approach in Salix matsudana. Molecular biology reports, 2014, 41(10): 6555-6568.

8.Jie Fang, Xiaojiao Han, Lihua Xie, Mingying Liu, Guirong Qiao, Jing Jiang, Renying Zhuo*, Isolation and characterization of salt stress related genes from cDNA library of Aspergillus. glaucus CCHA. The Scientific World Journal. doi.org/10.1155/2014/620959.

9.Jingjiang, Haiying Li, Guiping He, Yafang Yin, Mingying Liu, Bo Liu, Guirong Qiao, Sheng Lin, Lihua Xie, Renying Zhuo*, Over-expression of the CodA gene by Rd29A promoter improves salt tolerance in Nicotiana tabacum. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 2013, 45(3): 821-827.

10.Guirong Qiao, Haiying Li, Jing Jiang, Yafang Yin, Ling Zhang, Renying Zhuo*, Callus induction and plant regeneration from anthers of Dendrocalamus latiflorus Munro. In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Plant, 2013, 49(4): 375-382.

11.Ling Zhang, Mingying Liu, Guirong Qiao, Jing Jiang, Yancheng Jiang, Renying Zhuo*, Transgenic poplar “NL895” expressing CpFATB gene show enhanced tolerance to drought stress. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 2013, 35(2): 603-613.

12.Mingying Liu, Guirong Qiao, Jing Jiang, Huiqin Yang, Jinzhong xie, Renying Zhuo*, Transcriptome Sequencing and De Novo Analysis for Ma bamboo (Dendrocalamus latiflorus Munro) using Illumina Platform. PLoS One, 2012, 7(10): e46766.

13.Jing Zhou, Mingying Liu, Jing Jiang, Guirong Qiao, Sheng Lin, Wenmin Qiu, Renying Zhuo*, Lihua Xie, Expression profile of miRNAs in Populus cathayana L. and Salix matsudana Koidz under salt stress. Molecular biology reports, 2012, 39(9): 8645-8654.

14.Wenmin Qiu, Mingying Liu, Guirong Qiao, Jing Jiang, Lihua Xie, Renying Zhuo*, An isopentyl transferase Gene driven by the Stress-Inducible Rd29A Promoter Improves Salinity Stress Tolerance in Transgenic Tobacco. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 2012, 30(3): 519-528.