Yin Guangtian
Author:     Time: 2016-11-09

Professor Guangtian Yin was graduated from Central South University of Forestry and Technology, major in Forestry, and then worked in Research Institute of Tropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry for forest cultivation.

Since 1982, he has participated several forest science research projects, including Research on Fast Growing & High Yielding Cultivation Technique for Daemonorops Margaritae, Calamus tetrotectylus and C. Simplicifolius, Research on Rattans in China, Research on Regional Agricultural Forestry Mode of Tropical Zone of South China, Research on Propagation Technology of Rattan Seedlings, Research on Sprouting Mechanism of Rattans, and Research on Introduction of New Varieties of Excellent Merchandise Rattans. Begin in 2000, he has in charge of many research projects, such as 10th Five-Year National Science & Technology Projects Research on Germplasm Resources Cultivation and Utilization Technology of Rattans, Natural Science Fdoundation of Guangdong Province Research on Anther Culture Technique of Rattans, State Forestry Adminstration 948 Projects Research on Introduction of Cultivated Varieties & Supporting Cultivation Techniques for Salacca zalacca, Promoting Project Research on Cultivation Technology Demonstration of Rattans, Research on Propagation and Cultivation Techniques of Rattans, Research on High Efficiency Cultivation Techniques, 11th Five-Year National Science & Technology Support Projects Research on Key Technology of Resource Cultivation and High Efficiency Utilization for Rattans, Public Welfare Projects in Forestry Research on Key Technology of Germplasm Enhancement & Breeding for Mytilaria laosensis and Michelia macclurei, Technological Innovation of Guangdong Province Projects Research on Breeding of Superior Provenance & High Efficiency Cultivation Technique for Mytilaria laosensi, Research on Key Technology of Large Diameter Timber Cultivation & Wood Utilization for Mytilaria laosensi, etc. In addition, Mr Guangtian Yin, as a deputy editor, published Research on Rattans in China in 1994 and Research on Rattans in China in 2000. Until now, he has published more than 70 scientific research papers.

Based on above research work, he has made many achievements, such as Introduction and Cultivation of Rattans in Guangxi Province, Research on Rattans in China, The Seedling Propagation Technology of Rattans, The Harvesting Technique of Planting for C. Simplicifolius and D. Margaritae, The Rapid Propagation of Cones for C. Simplicifolius and D. Margaritae, The high Efficiency Cultivation Technique of C. Simplicifolius and D. Margaritae, The Collection and Preservation & Evaluation 0f Germplasm Resources for M. laosensis, The cultivation Techniques of M. laosensis, and so on. Moreover, some honors and prizes were recorded for him, including: Research on Rattans in China won the first Prize award of Science and Technology by the Forest Ministry in 1994 and got the first-class National Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 1996 (rank second), The introdution and Cultivation on Rattans in Guangxi Province obtained the third-class prize of Advanced Science and Technology by Guangxi province in 1995 (rank third). Specially in 1999, Mr Yin was got the award National Expert with Remarkable Contributions; in 2000, he got the Sixth Chinese Youth Science and Technology Award in 2001, and the Seventh Science & Technology Award for Chinese Youth in 2002, even he become an expert who enjoys special subsidy in State Department.