Chen Xingliang
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-10-11

CHEN Xingliang, male, born in December, 1964, member of CCP, member of the sub-party committee of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, leader of the discipline inspection group, the secretary of the Party Discipline Committee in CAF,Beijing. He is a doctor of agriculture and professor. Graduated from the Nanjing Forestry University, Dr. CHEN is majorly engaged in the economics of farm forestry and ecological environment. Now he is a deputy director of the organization committee of CSF, and board member of the Chinese Society of Ecological Culture.

Dr. CHEN’s main achievements and representative papers include Study on Policy Measures and Their Enlightenments of World Major Ecological Programs; Characteristics, Problems and Reform Measures of Forest Tenure System in China; Study on World Major Ecological Programs; Resources and Sustainable Development of Forests in China; Study on Urban and Rural Dual Structure and New Rural Development; Research on Local Science and Technology Development Strategy; Strategic Significance of Acceleration of Forest Development; Strategic Research and Mechanisms for Achievement Conversion of Modern Forestry Biotechnology Breeding; Analysis of Economic Policies for Breeding of Fine Tree Species; On the Social Functions of Forestry and the Role in the Overall Situation and etc.

Dr. CHEN chaired the Dynamic Monitoring and Evaluation of Resources of Collective-owned Forests in Typical Region since October, 2008, which was a project of the special program for forestry of public interests; undertook Management and Technical Studies on the Integrated Ecological System of Fast-growing and High-yielding Plantations since August, 2008, which was a project from the Scientific and Technological Support Program in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan.

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