Zhang Shougong
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-10-11

ZHANG Shougong, male, born in July 1957, started work in 1982, and joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1981. Presently he is the secretary of the sub-party committee of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, president, chief scientist, PhD supervisor, vice president of the Chinese Society of Forestry, vice president of the Chinese Society of Combating Desertification, science advisor of People’ Government of Fujian Province, visiting professor of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University. Dr. ZHANG has received 2 second class prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 first class prize, 2 second class prizes, and 3 third class prizes of Science and Technology Progress Award at provincial or ministry level, as well as Young Scientists Award for the Fourth by the Chinese Society of Forestry and China Youth Science and Technology Award. Dr. ZHANG has got State Council special allowance since 1997. Dr. ZHANG was honored as Outstanding Party Members of the central state organs in 1994 and 2003 respectively. In 2007 he was elected delegate of the Party’s 17th Congress; In 2001, obtained Advanced Individual Award for the science and technology programs in the Ninth Five-Year Plan, and Management Award for Outstanding Contributions by the National Natural Science Foundation.

Graduated from the Anhui Agricultural College, Dr. ZHANG obtained his doctor degree from the Beijing Forestry University in 1990 and was assigned to work in the Chinese Academy of Forestry. Dr. ZHANG took part in the research of Optimum Cultivation Models for Commercial Timber Plantation, one of the national key research programs in the Eighth Five-Year Plan, who realized, for the first time, the total structural reorganization of bio-mathematical model system and product estimates model system for forest management models. As the project leader for the Study on the Optimum Models of Excellent Commercial Timber Tree Species Selection and Efficient Use of the national key scientific and technological program, Dr. ZHANG put forth the complete technology for the selection and breeding of scale propagation, cultivation of new varieties of coniferous species for pulp making. Recently he focuses on the theory and technology for the sustainable management of forest resource in China, tree breeding and cultivation of forest resource. He was the chief scientist of Molecular Basic Study for Tree Breeding in the National Key Basic Research Development Program,and the Genetically Modified Trees and Grass Cultivation and Demonstration for the Western Region of the Special Program of Transgene and its Commercialization, deputy director of the specialist group on the theme of modern agricultural technology of the High Technology Research and Development Program, chairs the project of Breeding of Superior Nut Trees, Flower and Grass for High Yielding and Multiple Resistances of the Scientific and Technological Support Program in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan. As a PhD supervisor, he has trained 5 masters and 6 doctors while he is now guiding 9 doctorate students and 2 post doctors.