8th Meeting of China-EU Bilateral Coordination Mechanism on Forest Law Enforcement and Governance
Author:   Source:   Time: 2017-02-23

8th Meeting of China-EU Bilateral Coordination Mechanism on Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (BCM) was held in Brussels, Belgium, the EU headquarter, on 14 Feb. Ms. Astrid Schomaker, Director for Global Sustainable Development at the European Commission's Directorate General for the Environment, hosted the meeting.

Ms. Zhang Hongyan, Director-General of Department of International Cooperation of State Forestry Administration (SFA), Ms. Jin Hongman, Deputy Director-General of Department of Statistics of General Administration of Customs, Mr. Ma Hongwei, Director of Department of Foreign Trade of Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Fu Jianquan, Director of Division of Foreign Trade of Department of Development Planning and Assets Management of SFA, and representatives from Research Center of International Trade of Forest Products of SFA, Research Institute of Forest Policy and Informationof Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) and China National Forest Products Corporation attended the meeting. The EU delegation included delegates from the European Commission's Directorate Generals for Environmentand Trade, and European External Action Service and officials for policy-making from Member States.

During the meeting, China and EU exchanged views on the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and FLEGTaction, development of China’s timber legality verification system and facilitation of China’s legislation on timber legality. The EU appreciated China’s efforts and progress made in combating illegal logging, and recognized explorationsmade by China in promoting legislation on timber legality. Delegates from China expressed that as a responsible country, China would continue combating illegal logging and related trade. China would deepen its cooperation with the EU, strengthen exchanges on policies and information in legal timber trade, and promote trade facilitation.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Chen Yong, representative of BCM’s executive agency in China, Deputy Director-General of Research Center of International Trade of Forest Products of SFA, and Associate Research Fellow of Research Institute of Forest Policy and Information of CAF, reviewed and summarized execution of BCM’s work. TheBCM program of work in 2017, proposed by Mr. Qin Liyi, Director of European Forest Institute (EFI) Beijing Office, BCM’s executive agency for the EU, was adopted after discussions. It was agreed that China and the EU would further expand cooperation areas on BCM, carry out high-level dialogue, enhance capacity building and personnel training, and build a sharing mechanism on policies and information.

After the meeting, the EU organized China’s delegation to exchange views on implementation of the EUTRwith representatives from EUTR’s law enforcement agencies in Germany, France and Spain. China’s delegation also visited the EFI’s Barcelona office, and discussed with the EFI on how to carry out the BCM program of work in 2017.

Delegates and representatives expressed that the success of the meeting contributed to information exchanges on forest law enforcement and governance, strengthened cooperation on combating illegal logging and promoting legal timber trade, and laid a solid foundation for cooperation in many other areas between China and the EU.