Experts From Kew Royal Botanical Gardens Visited CAF
Author:   Source:   Time: 2017-02-23

On February 22, Director of Kew Royal Botanical Gardens Mr. Richard Deverell, Co-CEO Ms. Alison Purvis and Kew Foundation’s International Department Manager Ms. Gao Chang visited CAF, accompanied by Li Yufei, Deputy Director of China Rural Science & Technology Center. A seminar was held to discuss the future cooperation between CAF and Kew Gardens on the protection of forest tree genetic resources under the frame of Sino-British agricultural technology innovation cooperation. Director of the International Cooperation Office Researcher Lu Wenming, Researcher Zheng Yongqi from Research Institute of Forestry, and other staff from the International Cooperation Office attended the seminar.

After the meeting, our British guests visited the Key Laboratory of Tree Genetics in CAF.

Kew Royal Botanical Gardens is a World Culture Heritage recognized by the UN. It was originally the British Royal Garden. And after more than 200 years of maintaining and developing, now the Kew Garden has nearly 50, 000 kinds of plant, thus one eighth of the known plants in the world. Most of the plants are divided by their family and genus; persistent root herbs and flowering bulbs are distributed according to the ecological environment. Moreover, the Kew Garden has the world-renowned Millennium Seed Bank, marker of their advances in preservation of plant seedling resources. Cooperation with the Kew Garden in the preservation of tree genetic resources will be a chance to learn their scientific technnologies and experiences, and to promote the construction of China’s forestry gene pool.