German Experts from China-Germany Agricultural Center Visited CAF for Academic Exchanges Source: Division for International Cooperation, and Office of CAF
Author:   Source:   Time: 2017-03-22

In the afternoon of 21 March, Mr. Ralph Ridder and Mr. Bao Yuan, German advisory experts for the China-Germany Agricultural Center, paid a visit to CAF. They discussed with experts from CAF on how to better cooperate in forestry after the German assistance project is completed. The two sides also talked about China’s work in multi-functional forest management, target tree species management, data collection at all levels and implementation of the plan’s indicators related with the National Forest Management Plan 2016-2050.

Mr. Xiao Wenfa, Research Fellow and Director-General of the Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, Mr. Lu Yuanchang, Research Fellow of the Research Institute of Forest Resource Information Techniques, and Mr. Lu Wenming, Research Fellow and Director of the Division for International Cooperation attended the discussion. (Words by Gu Yali, Division for International Cooperation. Photo by Zhou Xiaoxing, Office)