Professor from University of British Columbia Came to CAF for Academic Exchanges
Author:   Source: CAF Office,Research Institute of Forestry  Time: 2017-05-18

On May 16, Prof. Cecil C. Konijnendijk, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, Canada, was invited to CAF for academic exchanges, and attended a seminar with Mr. Ye Zhi, Secretary of CPC Sub-Committee, CAF.

Mr. Ye Zhi welcomed Prof. Cecil C. Konijnendijk, and reviewed cooperation history and friendship in urban forestry research with him. They discussed on research cooperation on urban forestry, graduate student exchange program and holding international academic symposium together.

After the seminar, Prof. Cecil C. Konijnendijk gave a lecture, “Urban forestry for healthy and vibrant cities: current state, research needs, and development of a profession”, at the Research Institute of Forestry. He introduced development, research areas, and related publications of urban forestry in North America, and enrollment of foreign students inUniversity of British Columbia.

More than 20 people, including related staff from Division of international cooperation and experts and graduate students from Urban forestry research center, attended the academic exchanges. (Song Ping, CAF Office, Gu Lin and Wang Ziyan, Research Institute of Forestry)

Resume of Prof. Cecil Konijnendijk

Prof. Cecil Konijnendijkreceived his master of forestry policy administration from Wageningen University, and his doctor of science from Joensuu University, Finland. He has been working in urban forestry and urban greening for 20 years. Before coming to Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, he worked at several world-renowned universities and research institutions, including Wageningen University (Netherlands), the European Forest Institute (Finland), the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden). He is prestigious in Europe and over all the world.

Prof. Konijnendijk published more than 250 articles on journals worldwide, and edited Urban Forests and Trees,The Forest and the City: The cultural landscape of urban woodland, and Handbook on Urban Forestry, etc. He is also committed to popularize research results in urban forestry and to promote exchanges among scholars worldwide. In 2002, he founded Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, and worked as the editor-in-chief. He is also the co-founder of several international meetings onurban forestry, including Urban Tree Diversity Conference.

Prof. Konijnendijk joint Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia in 2016. He is working on design and development of the master program in urban forestry, and undertakes teaching and research. His research focus is urban forestry, urban green space governance, and cultural ecosystem services, etc.