Boreal Agrominerals Inc. of Canada Visited China Eucalyptus Research and Development Center for Academic Exchanges
Author:   Source: China Eucalyptus Research and Development Center  Time: 2017-12-19

From 13th to 14th Dec, Ms. Ding Luping, president of Boreal Agrominerals Inc. Asia, and chairwoman of the board of Boreal Eco-agriculture Science and Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to visit China Eucalyptus Research and Development Center for academic exchanges.

Ms. Ding Luping was engaged in academic exchanges with the molecular biological research team of the Eucalyptus Center. Wu Zhihua, associate research fellow, introduced the development history, research areas and achievements of the Eucalyptus Center, and the eucalyptus industry development. He took the visitors to visit several research facilities and experimental forests, including the laboratory of the Eucalyptus Center and the southern state-level forest seeds and seedlings demonstration sites. Ms. Ding Luping introduced the basic information of Boreal Agrominerals Inc., and its products application and development. The two sides reached an initial agreement on further cooperation.

Boreal Agrominerals Inc. was headquartered in Brampton, Canada. It is engaged in producing fertilizers and soil amendment products. It produces the world-renowned Spanish River Carbonatite, used in soil amendment for agriculture and forestry.

Fang Liang, Director of Division for Science and Technology Promotion, Chen Hongpeng, associate research fellow, Dr. Shang Xiuhua, and Li Chao, engineer, of China Eucalyptus Research and Development Center attended the exchanges. (Chen Hongpeng, China Eucalyptus Research and Development Center)