Li Jiangnan
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-11-10

Li Jiangnan, male, born in April 1963, Chief engineer of the Institute of Subtropical Forestry of Chinese Academy of forestry, is work on field of subtropical forest science research, forest management, and popularization and development of forestry science and technology etc.

He graduated from the Zhongnan Forestry University In july, was appointed as researcher in 2003. He was named the national outstanding forestry science and technology workers and were recognized by the State Forestry administration in 2006. He took director of China Academy of Forestry Experimental Center form 2000 to may 2016.

He undertook 41 research projects, 13 scientific and technological achievements, already obtained the national science and technology progress award 1, two prize 4, provincial (Ministry) two prize 2, including "Caribbean pine and Acacia mangium  species introduction research" won the first prize of the Ministry of forestry science and technology progress in August 1991. "slash pine and Loblolly Pine Provenance Test" in 1992 by the Ministry of forestry science and technology progress prize 2, "forest steady-state mineral nutrition theory and technology research and application"  by the third-prize science and technology progress of national forestry bureau in 1999. He published 20 papers, six papers published in the Journal of national first grade "science" and "forestry scientific research".

He commitment to the United Nations "sustainable forest management capacity building, research and promotion" project in Jiangxi Province. The work of outstanding achievements by the United Nations Food and agriculture organization sent to New Zealand for further study. He chaired the key of project of national or ministry, mainly including “Miao North South reproduce” project, Dagangshan nature reserve construction project and subtropical forest plant germplasms resources database project, and has played an important role in the region's economic and social development.