Wang Zhigang
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-11-10

Wang Zhigang, male, born in 1 November 1963, chief engineer and researcher at the center of Subtropical Forestry Experiment Center of Chinese Academy of forestry.

He graduated from sand Department of Inner Mongolia Forestry College in 1985. he was appointed as the director of the Chinese Academy of forestry and forest center in 1999 and 2011 and took the Center chief engineer of China Academy of Forestry Experimental from 2011 to 2016. He was appointed as researcher in 2001, "Journal of forestry science research" editorial board. Chinese sand control and sand industry of the second board of the Society executive director in 2011, .

He mainly engaged in the study on the effect of a large range of green projects to the environmental quality, the design index system of the oasis protection forest, the selection of anti adverse tree species and the technology of saline alkali land afforestation. His Study concluded that sand-blowing windsand in desert of China in spring is the strongest, protection forest be in the winter facies. He deduced to the winter forest phase porosity degree and tree thinning through the conversion relationship, quoted a series of formulae about estimate oasis protection forest structure design and wind protection effect, advocated oasis protection forest harvesting update control by the felling quota regulation to stock control mode transition.

Low water level operation mode control irrigation oasis diversion canal siltation obtained obvious effect, can save a lot of dredging funds and can alleviate the Canal back silt accumulation. Invented a large-scale mixed flow pump station of special valve for access to utility model patents, patent No. ZL 97 2 97_2_25306.8, certificate number 314173. The device is vacuum startup speed, low cost, impurity removing ability, simple operation, can overcome the common valve is easy to be destroyed by water hammer shortcomings.

He participate in the completion of the “green project on the role of environmental quality” in 1991. the results of the Ministry of forestry science and technology progress award, I rank fourth (first of the 91 7 - 4). 1992 won the second session of the Chinese Academy of youth outstanding paper award. In 1993, was rated as the academy level outstanding youth science and technology workers, enjoy the government special allowance. In 2001, won the Fourth Youth Science and technology award of China soil and water conservation society. In 2003 was named the national sand control and sand industry of advanced science and technology workers.