Zhong Qiuping
Author:   Source:   Time: 2016-11-10

Dr. ZHONG Qiuping, a professor Senior Engineer, a Master's Supervisor, a researcher of the national forestry science and technology, a representative of the New century talents project of Jiangxi province, a leader of scientific research of Xinyu city, who was also awarded the municipal people's government special allowance.

Dr. ZHONG hosted 16 scientific and technologic research items, including the project “camellia oleifera superior clones industrial seedling-raising technique and demonstration” one of the Ministry of Science and Technology in agricultural science and technology achievements transformation fund projects, the project “GLR changyou 18 camellia oleifera superior clones medium seedling-raising technique and demonstration” one of the State Forestry Administration science and technology production generalized projects, and the project “camellia oleifera superior clones medium seedling-raising technique” which is one of the science and technology development projects of Xinyu city.

Dr. ZHONG participated 12 research items, including the special fund of forestry science and technology “camellia oleifera good quality and high yield cultivation technology research” and “high yield camellia oleifera supporting technology demonstration” of the State Forestry Administration. Among his 5 scientific and technological achievements, 2 received rewards, 2 were rewarded the National Practical Technology Patents, 1 was rewarded the National Invention Patent. He established or participated the establishment of the 3 industrial and local standards, he published 48 research articles among which 11 articles won awards of Chinese Society of Forestry and he wrote or attended the writing of 9monographs.