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The Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF for short) is a comprehensive, multi-discipline and public research institution that is directly subordinate to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration (NFGA). CAF is principally engaged in forest research of applied/basic sciences and strategic high technology researches, developmental research and soft science studies; and tackles the scientific and technological issues that bear overall, comprehensive, crucial and fundamental magnitude. CAF consists of 19 research institutes and centres, and 10 branch academies, which are distributed in 18 provinces, regions and municipality in the country. In over 50 years, under the correct leadership of the national forestry administrative department, CAF has provided the national forestry strategic development and national major forestry programs with vigorous scientific and technological support, making great contributions to the acceleration of forestry development, improvement of ecological environment, safeguard of ecological security and the building of ecological cilvilization.