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Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry
Author:     Time: 2019-09-10

Founded in 1964, CAF Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry ( Fuyang, Zhejiang ) is a comprehensive subtropical forestry research institute combining research, technology promotion and education.
It has 6 research departments working on 22 areas including ecosystem and environment protection, forestry biologic engineering, tree breeding and cultivation, bamboos, economic forest, biological technology, etc. The institute mainly focuses on the basic, fundamental problems concerning the subtropical forestry construction of China, with efforts on theories and applied technologies of the cultivation of bamboos and economic forestry, cultivation of high-yield forestry, construction of forestry ecosystem, etc.

The institute has built 6 provincial research platforms, 4 Forestry Administration’s location research stations, and offers technological support to Hangzhou’s building of Forestry Administration’s Xixi Wetland Ecological Location Station. It has built more than 1500 acres of various experimental forests and subtropical trees germ plasm banks. Research institutes affiliated include: Bamboo Committee of Chinese Society of Forestry, National Office of Oil Tea Center, National Oil Tea Technology Group, Torreyagrandis and Carya Production Group, Masson Pines Fine Variety Bases, etc.