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Ecology and Nature Conservation Institue
Author:     Time: 2019-09-10

Ecology and Nature Conservation Institue has a discipline group consisting mainly of 3 second-class disciplines: ecology, forest protection, and wild life protection and utilization. There are altogether 15 subjects: forest ecology, management of natural reserves, located observation of ecosystem, forest and climate change, forest hydrology and management of water resources, ecosystem management, monitoring impact assessment on ecological environment, forest pathology, forest insects, biocontrol, quarantine of forest pest, forest plants, protection and management of wild animals, birds and wetlands, and forest fire prevention.
The institute has two key open laboratories of the State Forestry Administration, namely laboratories on forest bio-environment and on forest protection; and five research stations on ecological location; four CAF specimen banks of plants, animals, forest insects, and forest pests and nematodes. Under the institute, there are 9 national research and management center: Center of Bird Banding, Forestry Administration’s National Research and Development Center on Wild Life, Forestry Administration’s Central Environmental Monitoring Station, Forestry Administration’s Pest Identification Center, China Microbiological Culture Collection Committee’s Forest Microbiological Collection Center, Fire Prevention Research Center, Long-term Location of Land Eco-system Research Center, Carbon Measurement and Research Center, and Forestry Administration’s Environment Impact Assessment Center.
The institute has set up doctor and master programs on forest ecology, forest protection, wild life protection and utilization, forestry environment and energy engineering, etc., as well as offering master degrees on botany and environmental science. As the discipline develops, the number of both regular and temporary staff, and of students coming to  the institute will surely increase.