Forest Ecology and Environment
Author:     Time: 2016-10-12

Outstanding progress has been made in the systematic studies of hemerocology, construction of forest ecological engineering projects, long-term and fixed-post observation of ecosystem, and the relationship between forest and ecological environment. The long-term observation of the ecosystem of Jianfengling tropical forest in Hainan Island reveals the regulations of water, nutritions and energy flows, rendering scientific basis for the protection, rational management and sustainable development of tropical forest. Breakthroughs have been made in the species disposition, development of potential ecological niche, water ecological characteristics, solar energy use in the complex ecosystem of the agricultural region of the Huanghuaihai plain, and about 666 ha. of agroforestry experimental and demonstration plots have been established, increasing the farm yield by 18%;New techniques of soil preparation by explosion, deep ditch terraced field, and the application of drought-resistance chemicals have been developed, which bear vital importance in the soil and water conservation of Taihang Mountain; Hillsides enclosure for afforestation and artificial facilitated afforestation provide technical support to the ecological control of Karst rocky desertification; The study on the macro-distribution and establishment techniques for forest ecological network system has cooperated with national and regional ecological projects, and set up expansive experimental and demonstration plots, displaying a great role in the projects. In recent years, researches are done on the prevention of agricultural non-point source pollution, forest carbon sequestration, the structure, process and function of forest ecosystem;New classification and zoning systems are put forth for the forests in China; The law of geographical variation of nutrient cycling characteristics for the forests in China is proposed, the comprehensive adjustment ability index are prescribed of hydro-ecological function, influence factors, and the nonlinear characteristics of forest impact on runoff; Quantitative description are made of the structure, function, and time and space change rule of forest ecosystem.

Observation tower for oriented ecological researches in Jianfengling Mountain in Hainan

The model shelterbelt forest system on various soil types in Huanghuaihai Plain, which integrates the ecological and economic aspects

The ecological control of Karst rocky desertification

The demonstration of forest ecological network in Yan’an

Publications of studies on forest ecosystem structure, processes and functions