Forest Resources Management
Author:     Time: 2016-10-12

The new and high technology on accessing, processing and analyzingdata on forest resources and environment, and making decisions for forest management developed by CAF helps ensure the stable and sustainable development of forest resources. CAF is leading the way in China when its researches on stand growth and yield prediction and the associated modeling are considered, while CAF is leading the way worldwide in terms of researches on the integrated stand modeling, the coupling of three types of models and stand density and the management of forest resources at sector-level. CAF established the relationship between the maximum stand density and the adaptive sparse representation, elaborated the relationship between two types of models and extrapolated the thinning model from the growth model. Based on the study on yield models, CAF presented a system and methodology of integrated stand growth modeling and for the first time, put forward a mode and a technical system of forest resources management based on three feedback loops. In regards to the application of remote sensing, significant progresses are made in particular in the research and application of space remote sensing technology. LANDSAT TM remote sensing data is used for the inventory of shelterbelt forests in the north, northeast and northwest of China and a fire monitoring system is developed for the southwestern forests. The study on the application of spaceborne SAR in forest sector has been carried out and achievements have been obtained, fillingin the knowledge gap in China. CAF has been implementing projects of national importance addressing issues in relation to resources, environment and disasters by using RS, GIS and GPS.

The integrated forest resources monitoring system (covering monitoring, analysis and evaluation)

Monitoring network of China forest ecosystem carbon fluxes

The national operation system of forest resources monitoring using remote sensing