Wood and Processing and Utilization of Wood
Author:     Time: 2016-10-12

Remarkable progresses were made through studies on the relationship between wood and bamboo properties and cultivation, the principles and technology of wood protection, and physical and chemical modification, the design and manufacturing of reconstituted wooden materials and wood-based composites, and the development of wood processing equipment and automation. Nearly 100 indicators of wood properties covering around 1,000 wood species of natural forests as well as a systematic interpretation of the relationship between wood properties of major plantation species in China and their cultivation and utilization were provided. In regards to the functional modification, the dry schedules of 63 major wood species in China were presented for the first time and serial equipment for wood drying controlled by microcomputer was successfully developed. The development of wood preservatives and wood fire retardants and their processing techniques plays an important role in the conservation of historic buildings such as Tian An Men in Beijing and the Potala Palace in Tibet. Researches on technology of wood properties modification, reconstitution and composites produced the new wood-based (or bamboo-based) composites which can work as substitutes. Diversified products such as aircraft plywood, wet-process fiberboards, particle boards, dry-process fiberboards, MDFs, embossed fiberboards, cement particle boards, finger-joint panels and artificial decorative foils were produced, and the serial techniques to produce wood-based panels with farm straws and tree twigs, and composites with different plant fibers and plastic were developed. Breakthroughs were made in crucial technology for manufacturing bamboo engineering materials and innovations were realized in the structural design, manufacturing process and product development of bamboo structural materials, bamboo decorative materials and bamboo charcoal materials. A breakthrough was achieved in the accuracy limit of testing ambient control by developing a precise dynamic tracing technology, and the technical system for testing ambient indicators of wood-based panels and their products’ was established, with independent intellectual property right.

Processing of Eucalyptus solid wood products

Wood preservatives used in the protection of historic buildings

The application of wood-plastic composites in building structures in the Olympic Forest Park