Chemical Processing and Utilization of Forest Products
Author:     Time: 2016-10-12

Major achievements have been accomplished in the in-depth processing and development of rosin, gallnut, active carbon, plant extracts, etc., resulting in extended industrial chain of forest chemical products, higher use rate and added values of the in-depth processing. Studies on chemical utilization of timber were conducted, new technology for the production of furfurylalcoholwas developed by the measures of enriched hydrolysis, recovery of thermal energy, residue generated steam for electricity, and gas phase ambient pressure; Production technologies were developed for wood gasification and wood active carbon. Many demonstration projects were done for the generation of power, heat and gas in Jiangsu, Anhui, Liaoning and others; The technology for the production of biodiesel by high pressure alcoholysis is at a world leading level, which produces glycerol and dimer at the same time when biodiesel is produced. The yield of methylesterification of natural oil is greater than 96% while the yield of dimer chemicals is over 30%; High-yield pulping techniques were developed for poplars, birch, Chinese fir, and Mason pine, and models for adaptation options were set up for high pulping yield of fast-growing wood; A dozen of pale rosin and turpentine tackifying resins were developed, filling the domestic blank; Tanning extracts smooth transition, continuous digestion and double-effect falling film evaporation technology was put forth, and integrated use of tanning extracts was developed. Technology and equipment were developed for tannic acid and gallic acid production. The in-depth processed serial products of pyrogallicacid, trimethoxy-benzaldehyd, and trimethoxybenzoic acid have promoted the development and use of tanning resource in the mountainous region; The collection and conservation of resource insects germplasm were conducted, and related scale production and integrated use techniques were developed; Breakthrough was made in overwintering of lac insect, and 13 fine host tree specieswere selected. A hypothesis for wax secretion by white wax insect was put forth, a model for production of insect and wax on the same site was built. Comprehensive development technology was proposed for emblicleafflowerfruit and gullnut, producing a certain influence on the local economy of mountainous regions.

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