Wang Yukui
Author:     Time: 2016-11-09

Wang Yukui

Male, born in Aug, 1962, PhD supervisor, Deputy Director General of the Bamboo Branch of the Chinese Forestry Society, and once the director of the Desert Branch of the Chinese Geographical Society, director of China National Sand Control and Desert Industry Society, deputy director of the Economic Forest Branch of the Chinese Forestry Society.

Research interests:

Prof. Wang has been long engaged in research of desertification control, selective breeding and propagation of the stress-resistance plant material, afforestation under difficult site conditions and water-saving irrigation technology.


He has presided over the 9th “5-year” key national science and technology projects, the "948" introduction project of the State Forestry Administration of China(SFA), UNDP projects,  agricultural scientific and technological achievements transformation projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, key scientific and technological achievement transformation projects of SFA, National Integrated Agricultural development, key national anti-desertification construction projects, key science and technology projects of Henan province, scientific and technological innovation projects etc.

He also participated in the research of the 7th “5-year” and the 8th “5-year” key national science and technology projects, the 11th “5-year” scientific and technological support, Special Research in Public Forestry Welfare Industry and 2 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Publications and awards:

He won 1first prize for scientific and technological progress at provincial / ministerial level, 2 third prizes for scientific and technological progress at provincial and ministerial level, got 1 national invention patent, got 3 identification results of SFA.

He has published over 50 technical papers, and has worked (as associate editor) on 4 books.