Chen Shuanglin
Author:     Time: 2016-11-09

Shuanglin Chen, male, was born in September 1965, PDH, Research Fellow, and Chief Expert. After graduated from Nanjing Forestry University, he has been dedicating his profession with experience in researching and popularizing technologies of bamboo forest ecology and cultivation. his main research fields are agroforestry management of bamboo forest; degradation mechanisms of bamboo forest and recovery of degraded bamboo forest; bioremediation of polluted soils in bamboo shoot forest; development and utilization of special-purpose type of bamboo, etc. he has been chaired and attended National Scientific and Technological Key Problems; “948” technology acquisition that is specialized by Ministry of Science and Technology as well as State Administration of Forestry; new technology promotion; national and provincial Science Foundation of China supported projects, and in total of over 30 projects, has achieved 14 scientific awards, in which, there are 6 chief appraisers awards, and 8 provincial scientific awards. He has also published over 110 scientific papers; participated in publishing 4 scientific books; authorized 4 National Invention Patent; and established 5 forest industry standards as well as provincial level standards. The research projects that he has engaged are closely related to the production of bamboo industry, and mainly focus on the transformation and generalization of scientific achievements. accumulated a wealth of experience in generalizing forestry technologies, he has popularized technologies in Zhejiang, Fujian, Guizhou, Hubei, and Jiangxi, etc, and has achieved some outstanding technical effects. he is also a technical consultant in 6 different bamboo-producing countries. In addition, he is a member of council in the Chinese Society of Forestry-Branch of bamboo, a committee member in the Chinese Society of Forestry-Branch of Economic Forest, and a committee member in Zhejiang provincial Society of Forestry-Board of Bamboo Specialty.

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