Zhone Chonglu
Author:     Time: 2016-11-09

CHONGLU ZHONG (Professor, Dr., PhD superior)

Research Institute of Tropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Longdong, Guangzhou 510520, CHINA. Tel: +86 20 87030939 (O) Fax: +86 20 87031622; Email: zclritf@21cn.com

EDUCATION Bachelor of Agriculture and Master in Agriculture: Sept. 1979-July 1986, Northeastern Forestry University, Harbin, China; PhD degree in Silviculture: Sept.1997-July 2000, Chinese Academy of Forestry.

PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE  Since 1986, have been employed at Research Institute of Tropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry. Research Assistant: from August 1986 to April 1989; Assistant Professor: from May of 1989 to June of 1996; Associate Professor: from July of 1996 to June of 2002; Professor and Chief Researcher: from July of 2002 to now, to organize relative research on tropical tree genetic resources and genetic diversity in the RITF, and mycorrhizal fungi and Frankia. Had taken in and finished more than 30 projects which including several international projects with Australia, France and Vietnam. Published 5 books and over 70 papers.


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