Chen Bufeng
Author:     Time: 2016-11-09

Bufeng Chen, a researcher and a chief expert of committing himself to urban forest ecosystem and environmental research. He graduated and obtained bachelor's degree from Northwest A&F University on July 1986, has been serving to the Research Institute of Tropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry for 30 years. Professor Chen was elected as a vice master for national station of the Jianfengling tropical forest ecosystem, and employed as evaluation expert of National Natural Science Foundation of China in 1999. Master curriculum of climatology was finished from 1999 to 2002 in Sun Yat-sen University. Professor Chen was elected station master for national station of the Pearl River Delta forest ecosystem in 2004.  What is more, he has been continuously elected as the eighth and ninth director of Chinese society of ecology since 2009, and also elected as the eighth vice president of ecological society of Guangdong Province in 2011. Furthermore, he was elected as evaluation expert for national science and technology progress Award.

Professor Chen has been engaged in study on tropical and Subtropical forests ecosystem ecology, Eco-hydrology, Biogeochemical cycles, Forest boundary layer carbon and water fluxes, Ecological stoichiometry, Functional effects of the urban forest ecosystems on different scales, Urban ecological processes of forest ecosystems, Dynamic mechanism and forest boundary layer moisture dynamic mechanism, Urban Forest Ecosystem as well as Interactive Law of urban forest ecosystem and the environment and so on. Besides these research, Professor Chen also takes charge of different national projects including: 2 Chinese National Natural Science Foundations, 2 social commonweal projects of the Science and Technology Ministry, 2 science and technology support projects in national 11th and 12th Five-Year, 3 National forestry professional projects, 5 Guangzhou forestry science and technology projects. Currently, Professor Chen is engaging in 4 different projects which including: Special research projects of national forestry profession, National Fund Project and so on. Furthermore, these projects is more focus on analyzing maintenance mechanism and environmental capacity of Urban forest landscape and ecosystem as well as research of Environment interaction mechanism and its integrated analysis of the results of relevant

As for achievement, Professor Chen ranked third received an award of the 2nd Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 1999. And he was ranked third and fifth respectively wins the 3nd prize of State Forestry Administration science and Technology Progress Award in 1996.and 1999. Furthermore, Professor Chen has already published 76 scientific papers in core periodical including 6 SCI papers, and has published 6 monographs. He has developed 2 standards belong to forestry profession and provincial place. He has trained 13 master's degrees, combined to train 2 doctors at present.