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Professor David Eldridge visited the Research Institute of Desertification
Author:   Source: Research Institute of Desertif   Time: 2018-11-15

Professor David Eldridge took field trip to typical long-term grassland sample in Xilingol

David Eldridge made report

Professor David Eldridge, the pasture ecologist, was invited to visit the Research Institute of Desertification (RID) from 23rd October to 4th November to strengthen the research of RID on the ecological rehabilitation and conservation of degrading grassland in Northern China.

David Eldridge attended the 60th anniversary activity of Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), and then took the field trip to Xilingol, Inner Mongolia, where there owns China’s national key project named “The Research on Key Technologies in Governing Desertified Land in Source Region of Sand --- Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province”. Professors Liu Yanshu and Zhu Yuanjun of RID accompanied the visit. 

Mr. Eldridge presented report on “Herbivore activity as a driver of ecosystem structure and function”. Based on the research achievements in past decades, he introduced the landscape of dry land and plant communities, proposing his ideas of balancing and synergy of the function of bush. By the end of his report, professor said that his group is undertaking the international evaluation of the role played by bush in eliminating its impact on the component, structure and function of bio-system. There were over 20 experts from the Research Institute of Desertification, Beijing Forestry University and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. 

Between 2nd to 4th November, David discussed with Restoration Ecology group from the Research Institute of Desertification on the data the group acquired in initial stage, formed the papers format, and provided guidance for students on their papers.

Professor’s visit is financed by the project funding of the introduction of foreign intelligence in 2018, which has deepened mutual understanding of China and Australia in restoration of degraded grassland, and promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation in this field. 

David Eldridge is the senior researcher of environment and heritage office of Australian government, the professor of the Faculty of Creature, the Earth and Environment Science in New South Wales University, and the editorial board member of Plant and SoilJournal of Arid EnvironmentsRestoration EcologyRange land Journal.(Liu Yanshu,Wang Dongfang/Research Institute of Desertification)