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Closing Ceremony of 2019 Training Course on Bamboo Cultivation Technology for French-speaking African Countries
Author:     Time: 2020-01-11

Sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and hosted by the CBRC, the closing ceremony of the 50-day 2019 training course on bamboo cultivation technology for French-speaking African countries was held at the CBRC. 26 participants from eight countries including Central Africa, Rwanda, Congo (DRC), Congo (Brazzaville), Guinea, Senegal, Sao Tome and Principe, Benin and other countries attended, so did the Chen Yu, the Deputy Director-General of CBRC. And Zheng Youmiao, the senior engineer from international cooperation and science and technologies, CNBRC held the ceremony.

Chenyu expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Commerce, National Institute of Forestry and Grass, CAF and all local administrative departments for their kindly support, extended hearty congratulation to trainees for their achievement in last two months and appreciated them for their conscientiously cooperating with Chinese staff in problem solving and hard work. And also hoped the students could learn what they have learned and strengthen exchanges and cooperation so as to contribute more to the common development in bamboo technologies and in African-China friendship.

   Mr. Ba Amadou, an official from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Senegal, thanked the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and other parties for their efforts in organizing this training course and the hard work made by the staff of the Bamboo Center. He viewed this trip a real scientific exploration with fruitful results and a great opportunity to experience Chinese social and cultural development. Through this platform, he appealed all trainees to apply what they have learned after returning home and to contribute to the development of bamboo technologies in all African countries. Subsequently, a ceremony for issuing a certificate of completion was held, and the graduation was successfully concluded in a cheerful and warm atmosphere. (Wu Zhizhuang, Chinese National Bamboo Research Center)