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The Chinese Academy of Forestry Convened the Working Meeting of the Delegation of the Chinese Academy of Forestry to the International Conference on Forestry
Author:     Time: 2020-01-11

In the afternoon of September 16th, the working meeting of the Chinese Academy of Forestry delegation to the 25th world congress of International Union of Forestry Research Organization(IUFRO) was held in Beijing. Liu Shirong, president of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, and Xiao Wenfa, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting was chaired by vice president Cui Lijuan.


Liu Shirong pointed out that International Union of Forestry Research Organization is the most important international academic organization in the field of forestry and that its five-yearly world congress is the highest level academic conference in the field of forestry, providing an important platform for the exchange and study of forestry research. Our institution will send delegation composed of 65 experts attending the 25th world congress of IUFRO in Curitiba, Brazil from September 29th to October 5th . since this is the largest number of attendees we have ever sent, all representatives should cherish this opportunity to participated in depth, start extensive cooperation and exchanges and produce fruitful outcomes.


Xiao Wenfa emphasized the importance of political security, encouraged the attendees to display the latest research results of our institution fully and follow the cutting-edge hot spot closely in an attempt to provide valuable suggestions for the development of forestry disciplines in China.


Cui Lijuan said that this conference should make full use of various forms to promote the scientific research strength of our institution, sort out the results of the conference in various disciplines, and put forward specific requirements for each discipline group. Cui Lijuan also stressed the discipline and personal safety in the trip.


Chen Yujie, deputy director of the international department of the institution, made a detailed explanation on the attending situation, activities during the conference and specific task assignment.


Members of the delegation of the Chinese academy of forestry to the 25th world congress of the international forestry federation, foreign affairs managers from various institutes and centers, and relevant personnel from the international office of the academy attended the conference.(text: Li Xuejiao/the international department; pictures: Shen Tong/the international department )