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Youth Forum of COP of UNCCD Closed
Author:   Source: Office, and Division of Intern   Time: 2017-09-13

Closing ceremony

Mr. Huang Jian addressed at the closing ceremony

Group photo of delegates

The Youth Forum of COP13 of UNCCD was closed in in Ordos International Convention and Exhibition Center in the afternoon of 8 Sept. Mr. Huang Jian, CAF Vice President attended and addressed the closing ceremony. Mr. Lu Wenming, Director of Division of International Cooperation hosted the ceremony.

In his address, Mr. Huang Jian appreciated youth representatives for the roles they play and their advices and suggestions in combating desertification and land degradation, and realizing sustainable development. The Global Youth Initiative to Combat Desertification, adopted by the Forum, is a highlight and an outcome documents of the Forum. 

Although the Forum is concluded, the course to combat desertification has no end. This Forum sets a new starting point and a milestone for youth in combating desertification. The Chinese Academy of Forestry will work with youth worldwide to look into the future, and contribute to their growth and sustainable development.

Nearly 200 representatives from 25 countries and over 10 international organizations were present at the closing ceremony. (Words by Song Ping and Wang Jianlan, CAF Office, and Chen Yujie, CAF Division of International Cooperation)