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CAF Youth Representative Presented the Initiative at the High-level Segment of the COP13 of UNCCD
Author:   Source: Office, Division of Internatio   Time: 2017-09-13

High-level Segment (Photo by Deng Hua, Journalist from Xinhua News Agency)

Ms. Yang Liu presented the Initiative

The High-level Segment of the COP13 of UNCCD was held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia on 11 Sept. At the opening ceremony, Ms. Yang Liu, youth expert from the Institute of Desertification Studies, as the elected youth representative of the Youth Forum of the COP13 of UNCCD, presented the Global Youth Initiative to Combat Desertification — Youth in Action.

The Initiative is the outcome of negotiation and discussions of nearly 200 youth representatives from 25 countries and over 10 international organizations. It reflects the good will and commitment of youth worldwide in their engagement to combat desertification and land degradation, and realize sustainable development. Youth is the major driving force in revolution. They will use innovative ideas, technologies, methods and measures to eradicate poverty, paving the way for sustainable economic development.

Mr. Huang Jian, CAF Vice President attended the conference. (Words by Song Ping and Wang Jianlan, Office, and Chen Yujie, Division of International Cooperation. Photo by Bao Yanfeng, Institute of Desertification Studies of CAF)